Dear Tracy, It was our good fortune to have you help us with, what was a daunting challenge for us, find a supplemental plan that we  liked. We never thought that with such a short deadline we'd actually have any kind of success.

Thanks for your knowledge, professionalism and especially your patience.

Pray that you and all your loved ones stay safe and healthy during these trying times.


Lynn and Ron

MIC has been my insurance company since 2007 - first with group insurance from my employer, then my personal individual insurance, and after that, my supplemental insurance with Medicare.  I cannot recommend them more highly than I have already to at least 6 of my friends as well as my family!  They have all been as happy with MIC as I have been.  MIC is totally up to date and knowledgeable for all types of health insurance which is SO complicated in this day and age.  In addition to that, they have saved me tons of money over the last 12+ years!  All the staff is professional and friendly, and I would not think of contacting anyone else when it comes to my insurance.  You can be completely confident if you are in the hands of MIC!

Karen B.

Betsy answered all our questions and covered every option which helped make the best decision for us. She gave us more information than we would have discovered on our own. She is a pleasure to work with and we will certainly recommend her to others.

Maryann and Tom Re

MIC Insurance Services is a first class business. Everyone I have spoken with has been friendly, helpful, enthusiastic and most important knowledgeable in their area of expertise. Betsy and Tracey with Medicare Supplemental Health and Prescription Insurance and Bonnie with Dental Insurance. Easy and enjoyable to do business with.~  Eric Steiner

Betsy Chandler knows how to earn the loyalty of her clients.  She does that by providing top notch expertise and seamless implementation.  Some advisers rely on the complexity of a situation to show why their clients need to rely on them.  Betsy, on the other hand, does everything she can to make the decision-making process straight-forward, easy to understand and, dare I say it – enjoyable.

Tracy- I was thrilled to work with you, and MIC , to help my wife and I navigate her entry into Social Security. To say the least, it is a daunting task, but you actually made it easy! By the time our phone meeting was over, I quickly canceled the coverage I had planned on using, and went with your recommendation, you guys were phenomenal!! Not that my friends r in a hurry to turn 65, but when they do turn, they’ll be contacting you as well! Thanks again for all your guidance! Best, Chris

Nice to see the “full service”.  I’m very impressed.  Nice to know that some professionals still do the right things. Thank you for being the “sunshine” in my work week the past few weeks.  You are an absolute pleasure to work with.  It’s so hard today to find smart people who act in a professional manner.  You are a breath of fresh air! ~ R.

My experience with MIC was very positive.
Betsy and her team are a pleasure to work with...professional and helpful!  MIC offers great service. A rare find these days. Many thanks! ~ JW

Had it not been for MIC I would be paying well over $1000 more for my insurance. They are so on top of everything. They will call you and tell you they were checking things for you, without even being asked to do this. I give all of them 5 stars. I don’t know what I would do without them. Thank you for all your help.

All A++++++ . You are all very easy to work with.


Betsy your professionalism and kindness are a great mix. I can't say enough good things about your company.

Toni M

A friend suggested I contact Betsy to help with retirement healthcare planning, and I am so glad he did.

My wife and I have found Betsy and her team to be extremely well-informed and professional, as well as having a very friendly and helpful ‘bedside manner’.

In terms of your recommending Betsy to other potential clients, I offer my unqualified personal endorsement

Bruce C.

-Califon, NJ

I appreciate how helpful and friendly everyone at MIC is, and your  availability to always assist us.  That is extremely valuable to me, and why I always use MIC

They exemplify what it means to be “customer focused” and are dedicated to helping clients make the right decisions for themselves and their families by knowing the product market, understanding what questions to ask, eliminating unnecessary complexity, following up on outstanding issues, and providing seamless implementation.   Thank you